The event complies with the esf junior circuit guidelines, a copy of which is available on the esf website; all participating mnas should make sure that all relevant people (including coaches, managers and players) are aware of the guidelines and their requirements.


All entries must be made by email to  Any entry not approved by the player's national association will not be accepted.

No individual entries will be accepted

All entries must be made only on the official website (


Any player shall be entitled to enter providing that he/she is under the age of 11/13/15/17/19/ (according to the category entered on the closing date of the tournament).  As specified by the European Squash Federation; to compete in all ESF registered events, all players, coaches, managers and other officials must be registered with ESF. This must be approved and validated by the relevant MNF.


The MNF is responsible for ensuring that all players, coaches, managers and other officials are registered with ESF prior to entry, and their entry is fully supported.



Players can register for ESID with ESF through the ESF tournament software website:


The seeding will be circulated to all players or their national associations by e-mail.
Times of first matches will be indicated for their respective players.