The French shone in Birmingham!

Written by Floriane Nizard

Lauren Baltayan on the right (Photo credit: British Junior Open)

The Open took place in Birmingham from 3 to 7 January 2024. The 760 players from all over the world battled it out over 5 days of competition. 


20 French players were present, and as usual on the international stage, some of them shone. 


This was the case for three French players who finished in the top 5! 

Lauren Baltayan snatched bronze for the second time in her young career. 

Melvil Scianimanico had big ambitions for this tournament. Unfortunately, after a rather complicated semi-final match, he was unable to produce his game against Switzerland's David Bernet. He finished in 4ᵉ place. 

Amir Khaled-Jousselin in full progress, offers us more and more things, and it is completely felt on the court. He finished 5ᵉ and did better than last year when he came 9ᵉ. 

Melvil Scianimanico

Lauren Baltayan

Amir Khaled-Jousselin

Congratulations also to: 

- Ambre Fronton (23ᵉ in -11 years), 

- Rafaella Guidoni (29ᵉ in -13 years), Emilie Leblond (54ᵉ in -13 years), Elia Grossi (57ᵉ in -13 years), 

- Louis Lavergne (53-54ᵉ in -13 years),

- Lily Romieu (30ᵉ in -15 years), Ciara Boulanger (34ᵉ in -15 years),

- Paola Lincou (33-34ᵉ in -17 years), 

- Mathias Santiago de la Colina (35-36ᵉ in -17 years), Thomas Mauras (43-44ᵉ in -17 years), Noa Gilardot Borde (85-86ᵉ in -17 years), 

- Lilou Brévard-Belliot (31ᵉ in -19 years), Rose Lucas-Marcuzzo (32ᵉ in -19 years), Inès Guyot (34ᵉ in -19 years), Eva Cicéri (51ᵉ in -19 years), 

- Axel Diet (27ᵉ under-19), Antonin Romieu (30ᵉ under-19).


These young Frenchmen have done extremely well 👏

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