A perfect combination

Written by Floriane Nizard

Credit : Christian Lortat


For the fifteenth year running, the French Junior Open is taking place on Lille, at the Wam and Le Lil clubs. 


This is only the second year that Le Lil has organised this competition. 

Previously, it was run by the Wam and Bondus' clubs. 


This perfect combination has the advantage of having plenty of squash courts: 15 in all (8 at Wam and 7 at Le Lil, one of which is semi-glazed). 

But there's also plenty of space to accommodate parents, players, coaches and all the spectators who drop in to watch the matches and enjoy the atmosphere. 


The competition is scheduled over 4 days, which means that the days will be very busy given the number of youngsters expected. The semi-glazed court is a brand-new playing experience that should delight both the youngsters, who will have the opportunity to play on it, and the spectators. 


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