Once upon a time : former French Junior Open champions!

Written by Floriane Nizard

Thierry Lincou -  Photo credit: Interviewsport.fr

Gregory Gauthier -  Photo credit: La Dauphiné Libéré

These former (young) heroes have left their mark on the history of French squash. 


Remember Thierry Lincou, the man who made the ball glide across the court with mad elegance. And what about Gregory Gaultier?


We look back on the intense matches that took place on the international courts, where our French players flew the flag for their country. Winning tournaments and medals, these legends have written unforgettable pages in the history of French squash.


Let's not forget the pioneers who paved the way in the years when squash was still developing in France. They paved the way, and for that we are grateful.


French squash has had some magical moments thanks to some exceptional players, and the future looks just as bright. To the legends who have made history, thank you for those unforgettable moments. To the new generation, may your rackets ring out like a hymn to a new era in French squash.

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