From Chartres to Lille: France's Young Talents Ready to Set the French Open on Fire!

Written by Floriane Nizard

Players at the French U15 Interleague Championship in Chartres

Lille is getting ready to plunge into the world of junior squash with the Open de France Juniors 2024, and the least we can say is that it promises to be grandiose.


The future stars of international squash will be in Lille. 

Our young prodigies are ready to rock the courts at the Open de France Juniors. They've been working hard for a year! Competition is all about fun. Expect tight matches, unexpected surprises and unexpected performances.


A high level of competition awaits in every category.


The real show is in Lille. The French Open is the showcase where our young talents can shine. After setting Chartres alight, they're getting ready to show the world what French youth is capable of.


A glimpse of the intensity to come


By challenging themselves in Chartres, our young athletes are preparing themselves mentally and physically for the challenges that await them in Lille. The French Open will be the arena where hopes become reality, and Chartres will be the first act of this incredible adventure.


Supporters: Ready to make some noise?



So, sports fans, get ready to follow the journey of our young prodigies, from the court in Chartres to the stage of the Lille Open. Whether you're there or in your living room, get ready to make some noise and support our future champions.

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