The French Junior Squash Open in Lille: 300 players

Written by Floriane Nizard

300: that's the number of participants expected in Lille this Thursday. 


4 days of competition with a single goal: to win the title. 


That's right, 300 squash enthusiasts will be arriving in Lille in a few days' time to battle it out on the courts and show off their skills. It's unprecedented! 


Whether you're a squash fan or just a curious person who likes to watch a good game, this event promises to be incredible. It's an opportunity not to be missed. 


And it's not just the numbers that are impressive, but also the diversity of talent that will be present. Young people from all walks of life, ready to push their limits and give their all on the court. Believe me, it's going to be a show not to be missed.


Make a note of the date in your diary. It starts on Thursday 15 February and runs until 18 February.


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