International squash stars descend on Lille for the French Open

Written by Floriane Nizard

French players who will be playing the French Junior Open

Tomorrow's the big day! The French Squash Open opens its doors in Lille for what promises to be an incredible competition. And guess who will be there? The best international squash players, ready to take on the court and give us some great matches.


These squash stars include such names as : Jacob Askey (ENG), Ayla Alaa (EGY), Max Pelikan (CZE), Lana Fathallah (EGY), Rafaëlla Guidoni (FRA), Ethan Lecordier (FRA), Abdullah Ali (KUW), Harriet Broadbridge (ENG), Amir Khaled-Jousselin (FRA), Maja Maziuk (SUI), Melvil Scianimanico (FRA), Ona Blasco (ESP).


The French Squash Open also has some surprises in store, with the emergence of new talent ready to make a name for itself in the world of professional squash. Players from the four corners of the globe, ready to give their all to shine under the Lille spotlight.


So, if you're ready to be thrilled by the rhythm of fast exchanges and spectacular points, come and join us tomorrow at the French Squash Open in Lille. 

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